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Green Corporate Social Responsibility    January 22, 2021    
Green Corporate Social Responsibility Minimize
Infotrip is particularly sensitive to ecological issues as it has become clear that the terms of ecology and business in today's global reality must be consistent.
This is because it is acknowledged that today’s business activity occurs from people to people who are intimately connected with the natural environment and live in it, where there can only survive and enhance any business.

Having in mind the above, a team of specialized professionals with extensive experience in the field of corporate responsibility has been established in Infotrip, who seek ideas, evaluate potential actions and plan strategies with the ultimate goal to offer "green corporate social responsibility» (Green CSR).

Green operational responsibility

Infotrip having as a moto "I am preserving the environment”, it implements a multifaceted plan of social responsibility, not only limited to actions for the public and local communities, but includes also actions related to the employees of the company. The business ethics of Infotrip highlights the "green worker" who is able to think and act by adopting a corporate code of ethics and responsible behavior. In this way, the company proves its commitment to offer a better future society. In particular, the protection of the environment and raising environmental awareness in society is one of the major axes of Infotrip social action, with a view to sustainability, recycling and environmental education.

Based on the above, the company has incorporated in the following actions:

• Has placed recycling bins for:

- Paper

- Aluminum

- Plastic

- Old mobile phones, which are later sent to the local recycling points.

• Collaboration with suppliers of printers & copiers for recycling empty ink cartridges.

• Use low-energy bulbs

• Use of environmentally friendly detergents and waste bags.

Green products Infotrip

Ermis Green fleet management – Vehicles’ Environmental control and Calculation of carbon footprint

The ERMIS GREEN system is a product of research effort and provides innovative monitoring and analysis of vehicle energy consumption, while calculating at the same time the production of GHG (CO2) emissions.

The evaluation and dynamic processing of energy information on Transport (fuel consumption) that ERMIS GREEN system provides, is a powerful strategic asset for cost management of a modern fleet and it is implemented by installing special sensors from our outsourced specialized work team. The real time collection of fuel consumption, along with traffic data (vehicle speed, course, direction, etc.) are thoroughly analyzed by innovative algorithms and provide essential information which can:

• Predict fuel consumption and production of pollutants according to the energy needs of the service.

• Identify excessive fuel consumption peaks and therefore lead to redesign services to reduce costs

• Train the driver under actual road conditions to carry out ecological and therefore economic movements

• Reward the driver based on the savings he achieves

• Improve the overall fuel management

In particular for the customer, the smart fuel consumption information management makes him:

• a leader in a time where diversification, innovation and reducing energy costs is the primary objective.

• Social aware

• Competitive in green marketing issues and green corporate social responsibility (Green CSR)

Myroute platform

Through the “Myroute” platform, Infotrip informs the public about traffic conditions and where incidents have happened (accidents, demonstrations, etc.) in order to avoid unnecessary movements and choose alternatives routes, thus helping to reduce both time and energy costs, while at the same time contributing to the relief of the traffic chaos of the city we live in.
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