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InfomobilityMulti Modal Routing    January 22, 2021    
Multi Modal Routing Minimize

General Description:

The web based Multi-Modal Routing application has designed for travel planning with intermodal routing for car, pedestrians and public transport.

Main Features:

The users have the opportunity to search for routing services from any point to any other by one or more transport means, to the network.

As point of arrival/departure can be chosen any address or point of interest, in order to be easily succeeded the access to the touristic and cultural points.

Finding the shorter route by car or public transport or intermodal transportation means and presents it to the user with the sequentially points. 

Calculation of travel times based on current traffic conditions (MISTIC)


Friendly user interface

Include all public transport means

Possibility for easy database update

Improve user’s travel times

Possibility of integration with other systems

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