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General description:

The Trip Plan application, developed by Infotrip S.A., provides integrated solutions for the user’s support for the planning and of any travel within Greece, while in the near future the application will be available for trips from/to Italy as well.

The basic Trip Plan function is the calculation of shorter travel alternatives by different transport means while the application can also include added value services, such as transport ticket booking and buying, hotel search and booking at the destination place and user’s support during the travel and during his residence at the destination (flight status, POI search, pharmacies, hospitals, restaurants, etc).


The web based version of the application will be available through the following URL:, and will include all the services described above.

The web based version of the application is also available for Cyprus through the following URL:

Main Features:

Travel implementation (transport ticket buying, hotel booking at the destination)

Informing possibility on any changes at the chosen trip (flights change/delay, ships itineraries)

Representation of PoI’s during the routing and at the destination place


Interactive information system

Information in real time

User friendly cartographic interface

Application can be available through mobile devises (smart phones, PDA’S, etc.)

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