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InfomobilityWiFi on the Moov    January 22, 2021    
Innovative Mobile Broadband Portal for Means of Transport Minimize

General description:

Μ Series (Μ220, Μ310, Μ340)

  • Industrial Product: Specialized rugged industrial build Router that operates in specialized environments such that of Public Transport (urban-suburban environments, trolley’s etc.) that can offer fast Internet access.
  • Unique ability to support up to four (4) modems and eight (8) SIM cards (depending on the model) by different telecommunications providers both within but also outside Greece giving the ability to vehicles that travel across different boarders to have reduced operational expenses since they can use different SIM cards when travelling to each State, thus avoiding overcharges by telecommunication providers due to roaming.
  • MoovManage platform: The added value of buying an Icomera router is the power of managing each MoovBox unit through the MoovManage platform while at the same time also allowing for immediate return-on-investment benefits to be realized (e.g. through advertising, geo-advertising, use of monitors to show specific content etc.
  • Simultaneous access to the Internet for more than 50 users.

Some indicative features and benefits:

  • Management of the MoovBox unit (Settings etc.) over the Internet.
  • Ability of reporting the status of the MoovBox unit to the MoovManage platform in pre-determined intervals.
  • Ability to provide data in real-time such as GPS location, user loyalty etc.
  • Ability to analyze the quality of the service of the telecommunication provider.
  • Ability to remotely monitoring and control of the MoovBox units.
  • Ability to manage and control the access rights of Wi-Fi users (e.g. deny access to age-restricted content etc.).
  • Ability to customize different web pages content (for example for advertising purposes)
  • Ability to incorporate advertising banners to the browsers of users.
  • Ability to seamlessly and on-the-fly connect to monitors in order to present content.
  • Ability to analyze and monitor SIM card data about downloading/uploading data rates, while at the same time allowing for the control of maximum downloading data rates that are allowed, thus enabling the control and monitoring of charges made by telecommunications providers.
  • Optional use of the GPS in order to track and monitor the vehicle in a map.
  • No installations of specialized software required, thus no additional costs occur for the maintaining of servers or licenses etc.
  • Secure and high-speed access through any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.)


X Series (Χ6, Χ6S)

  • The Icomera X6 is an innovative platform for providing network connectivity solutions in vehicles (connected vehicle solutions) which is ideal for all train applications.
  • The Icomera X6 device incorporates 4 LTE modems that allow for Internet access through Wi-Fi while also having an extra modem or Wi-Fi socket for future expansion. Every modem has the ability to receive two (2) SIM cards from different telecommunication providers (within or outside Greece) allowing for the reduction of roaming costs in the case of vehicles that travel abroad regularly.
  • The corresponding Internet management tools are used throughout the Icomera X server series, allowing for customers to seamlessly manage and monitor, heterogeneous fleets consisting of Icomera X4 and Icomera X6 routers.
  • The Icomera X6 device is designed for all railway applications and includes support for the provision of services to passengers. It has sufficient memory and powerful processors so that it can support demanding applications, which are hosted on the device and operate simultaneously.

Some indicative features and benefits:

  • Over 6 WAN connections
  • LTE compatibility
  • 2 SIM card sockets per modem
  • 20 channel GPS
  • 802.11 b/g/n interface modes
  • Industry grade IP65 chassis
  • Remote management
  • Open source application platform
  • Channel variety
  • Industrial compatibility

A complete, powerful and online management system, that allows for immediate returns on investment to be realized.


Download the latest M series brochure here:
 M310, M340
Download the latest X series brochure here: X Series Brochure

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