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Public TransportFlash - Public Trasport Fleet Management    February 25, 2021    
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General description

The FLASH application is one of the “state of the art” applications in Europe for the management and the monitoring of fleets, providing at the same time the functionality for the informative system’s implementation for the citizens. The application’s purpose is the representation of public transport time-table execution on real time, the monitoring of the time programs implementation, the efficient management of the available resources, as such the provision of continuously information in real time to the passenger’s of public transport.

Main features

FLASH consists of the application in the Control Center, the telematic equipment of the vehicles and the smart signs in stops. The application in the control centre contains all the various functions for the information processing which is received from the equipped fleet and is distributed to the stop signs. Other features of FLASH application are:

Control in real time of the various processes of the fleet’s transportation

Selective vehicle or traffic light priority

Communication between the drivers and the Control Center

Integration of the devices that are installed on the vehicles and the Control Center

Support of the public transport organizations about the maintenance

Management of data for the services analysis, the programming and the planning processes support through open models – “Open Database”

Off-line analysis


Reliable function of the public transport systems control.
User friendly Interfaces.
Reliable and dynamically updated services for the passenger’s information (predictable arrival time of the bus at the stop).
Possibility of integration with other traffic management and traffic lights systems (UTOPIA).

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