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TelematicsGarbage Truck Fleet Management Solution    January 22, 2021    



Innovative System for Garbage Trucks Fleet Monitoring,
Fuel Economy and Optimization of Waste Disposal Process
for Municipalities


INFOTRIP has developed an innovative system for garbage trucks’ fleet monitoring, fuel economy and optimization of waste disposal’s process which already operates successfully in many cities in Greece. This is a unique solution both in Greece and in Europe for monitoring fleets of garbage trucks and optimizing the waste disposal process. Using the telematics technology for fleet monitoring and RFID technology enables the Municipalities to improve their waste disposal process efficiency and to encourage local communities to become more environmentally friendly, while at the same time benefit from economies of scale.

The benefits of this unique system are that the service of waste transportation and disposal becomes more effective, while saving time and energy on all vehicles.

Specifically, the main operations of the integrated monitoring system of municipal vehicles / garbage trucks which provide added value services both to Municipalities and to citizens are as follows:

  • Automatic weighing of waste bins during collection
  • positioning, monitoring & management of waste bins
  • route control and management
  • monitoring of maintenance vehicles’ services and reduce costs
  • control and management of fuel consumption
  • automatic production of statistics and cartographic representation of  consumption based on various criteria
  • creating financial indicators in green technologies
  • create alerts (alarms) on overconsumption or irrational behavior of the vehicle
  • definition of environmental footprint
  • location, monitoring and management of waste bins
  • addressing citizens’ complaints about the provided level of cleanliness
  • upgrade efficiency and quality of provided services to citizens, using evaluation indicators (benchmarking)
  • Informing citizens in real time via flow diagrams for the cost per kilogram (kg) of waste collection and pollutants produced based on various parameters.

INFOTRIP continuously invests and develops innovative state-of-the-art products and solutions, providing high quality professional services that fully correspond to specific requirements of Municipalities and other Public Sector organizations.

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