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TelematicsSupply Chain ManagementDispatching    January 22, 2021    

General Description:

The innovative technology Dispatching and planning is designed to serve companies with privately-owned fleet, 3PL companies and persons responsible for dispatching in order to manage their fleet effectively, decreasing distribution cost until 20%, increasing the customer’s service and promoting the general business development.

Also, provides the possibility for public and private companies/organizations of transport to monitor the vehicle fleets and their general function. The application is a very useful tool for the execution of time-consuming works that is required by the administrators for the planning of determined and extraordinary requests, by designating routing and creating reports for the drivers. 

Main Features:

Use of information technology and telematics

Electronic production of routing, taken into account quantitative factors (eg. distance, weight, volume, value) and qualitative factors (eg. preferences of customers)

Possibility to integrate with external systems (navigation systems, security systems)


Optimal exploitation of company’s  resources

Increase of productivity

Accurate and reliable prediction for delivery and receipt times

Better customers service

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