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TelematicsSupply Chain ManagementProof Of Delivery - POD    January 22, 2021    
Integrated Monitoring System - Proof Of Deliveries (POD) Minimize
Technology in the service of business

Designed using the latest technologies and having as primary purpose the user-friendliness, the Integrated Monitoring Delivery System PoD meets the needs of today’s business:

  • Timely and accurate information
  • Full supervision from a central point

    The Proof of Delivery – POD system comes to fill the information gap during the delivery and reception process of the goods from the customer, offering real-time information about:
    • The time and place of delivery
    • The correct delivery of the products
    Cutting Edge Technology

    On the move

    Tested with the latest PDA technology, the POD system exploits the full capabilities of both GPS, regarding information for the delivery time and GPRS/3G wireless technologies for faster and more secure data transmission.
    • Use of barcode or RFID for the valid identification of the products.
    • Features of online inventory and document scanning of the entire document.

    Business Orientation

    Through a web monitoring and managing application the business can have direct and reliable information about the progress of all the deliveries.
    The specialized reports and queries reflect directly the deliveries status, offering useful information to the business management.

    Unlimited Possibilities
    • PDA with integrated Barcode Reader and easy to use interface

    • Ability to connect via mobile phone (GPRS/3G)

    • Ability to connect to wireless networks (WI-FI)

    • Bluetooth

    • Camera

    • Document Scanning

    • Integrated GPS και electronic compass

    • Accelerometer for recording vibrations

    • Using web services to communicate with both the base of the integrated system and with the respective customer bases (WMS)

    • Development based on the latest standards to ensure interoperability and possibility of future communication with third systems

    • Monitoring in shipping invoice, quantity type and individual product level

    • Easy to interface with systems

    • Fleet Management

    • On-line supervisory and management tools
    Proof of Delivery – The solution for…
    • Instant and accurate information

    • Automation of delivery/receipt process

    • Central monitoring procedures

    • Increase of the customer service level

    • Minimization of false deliveries

    • Better transport organization

    • Easy to interface with third systems

    • Overall reduction of transport cost

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