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The CompanyActivities    January 22, 2021    


INFOTRIP is active in three basic ITS sectors:

  • Traffic Management
  • Fleet & Asset Management
  • Infomobility Services
  • Public Transport Management

The “Traffic Management” sector includes advanced control and management systems for urban and interurban traffic as well as information systems in real time, such as traffic light control, parking management, public transport priority management, driver information via variable message signals etc.. 

The "Fleet and Asset Management" sector includes the management of telematics applications such as the management of taxis and commercial fleets, positioning, dynamic routing and management of field staff providing end users with more efficient, safer and more economical movement of people or goods.

The “Infomobility Services” sector includes the development of applications for traffic and transport through various information channels, like internet, mobile devices, call centers, in vehicle devices. The relevant applications include: dynamic routing and navigation, traffic information, multi-modal journey planning (private cars and public transport), mapping, PoI’s and address search. 

The "Public Transport Managementsector includes specialized fleet management systems, public transport and passenger information, which cover the complex needs of all organizations that operate or supervise public transportation systems regardless of their size or mode of transport (buses and fixed rail).

INFOTRIP has developed and operates the only Greek web portal for Transport & Traffic:




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