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The CompanyNews-Announcements2011-2-4    January 22, 2021    
INFOTRIP, through Start PC, its official representative in Kalamata, a company that is active in the informatics and education field, has undertaken the installation and operation of the fleet monitoring and management satellite system ERMIS for the new known company “HALAZONETIS QUARRIES S.A.”.

It is a company that occupies in all types of mining operations, such as quarrying, aggregate crashing, sale of these products, production and distribution of ready mixed concrete and tar, all kind of construction and earthwork, trade of building and insulation materials, as well as any associated development activities in many municipalities. With the installation of ERMIS system, the company has managed to reduce the cost of the trucks transport as such the communication cost with the management centre and has also been an increase in productivity due to the optimum management of the fleet.

ERMIS system has been successfully installed in several companies in Greece, covering fully the special requirements that each company has depending on its activity field. Substantially, it is an integrated and flexible solution for the fleet organization and management, which, based on the GPS and GSM technologies, enables the vehicles’ continuous monitoring in real time, 24 hours per day, captured on a digital map, such as the execution status of each vehicle’s route, while giving the opportunity for further propagation and statistical processing.

The aim of our cooperation with the company “HALAZONETIS QUARRIES S.A.” is to achieve competitive advantage and the use of ERMIS system as an everyday tool for the needs of the company.
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