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The CompanyNews-Announcements2012-05-14    January 22, 2021    
Προϊόντα Κυκλοφορία - Διαδρομές - Διευθύνσεις - Σημεία Ενδιαφέροντος




Participation of INFOTRIP at the 4th Transport Reserch Arena (TRA) Congress, 23-26 April Minimize

INFOTRIP participated at the 4th Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference, entitled "Innovation, a key development for Sustainable Mobility", held on 23-26 April 2012 in Athens. The TRA 2012 had as its goal to enable the exchange of knowledge between experts from various scientific fields, through research results, fostering future opportunities in the transport sector.

As part of the conference, a kiosk was established, presenting the project VIAJEO, which INFOTRIP is a part of, as well as the pilot leader for Athens. Within the framework of the exhibition and throughout the course of the conference, INFOTRIP held demonstrations of the services that are applied to the pilot of Athens.

Furthermore, within the framework of the project VIAJEO, INFOTRIP held a press conference for Greek and foreign journalists about the objectives of VIAJEO, the current situation on the transportation planning and travel information in Athens, and the contribution of the VIAJEO project proposal in this area.

Finally, the company INFOTRIP was responsible for the organization of a special session entitled "Transport planning and traffic information systems in cities" which aimed to present proposals for the support of urban mobility in order to increase the efficient management and representation of the traffic situation in modern metropolitan areas.

Press Conference held for Greek and foreign journalists from the CEO of INFOTRIP Vassilis Mizaras on the VIAJEO project objectives and the services of the pilot of Athens.


Audiences of the conference being informed about the project VIAJEO and the services that are supported by the pilot of Athens by the CEO of INFOTRIP Mr. Vassilis Mizaras.

Presentation of the services provided by VIAJEO to a service member of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks by the CEO of INFOTRIP Vassilis Mizaras.

View of the special session that was organized with the participation of CEO of INFOTRIP Vassilis Mizaras in the panel of speakers.

General view of the joint session which was organized by INFOTRIP.

General view of the kiosk of INFOTRIP where the project VIAJEO was presented and demonstrations of the services offered by the pilot of Athens were held.

The Commercial Manager of INFOTRIP Mr. Athanasios Vrachinopoulos.



Demonstration of services to the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Mr. Makis Voridis by partner Mr. George Sarros

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