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The CompanyNews-AnnouncementsCooperation between AthensBook and    January 22, 2021    
Cooperation between AthensBook and Minimize
Susuko Maka LLC, Cosmical Technology Ltd and Infotrip S.A. are announcing the integration of traffic conditions information on the popular smart city guide AthensBook. The information is being provided in real time, 24 hours a day from the infrastructures developed by Infotrip for the site and is being displayed in a table and an interactive map. With this cooperation, for the first time in a mobile application the AthensBook users have detailed, timely, accurate and free information about traffic condition and incidents on the most basic streets of Athens.

AthensBook is an innovative application for mobile phones which provides its users direct, immediate, informed and intelligent information regarding their exact location (gas stations, restaurants, on duty pharmacies, public services, traffic conditions, cinemas, etc), utilizing the operations of positioning and continuous connectivity of modern phones. The application is being provided for free, has been installed in more than 70.000 iPhone devices, while soon it will be available for devices running Android too.

The application of the Infotrip company is an online platform which provides innovative information services for all types of traffic incidents, such as accidents, road works, temporary road diversions etc. as well as information on the traffic situation in the Athens streets. The traffic data of come dynamically from the Traffic Management Center of Athens and are updated every 5 minutes. Thus, the user has, at any time, at his disposal a flexible tool for traffic information which ensures reduction in lost travel time by avoiding streets with traffic congestion.

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