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The CompanyNews-AnnouncementsErmis installation for the Municipality of Veroia    January 22, 2021    
Ermis installation for the Municipality of Veroia Minimize
INFOTRIP has undertaken the installation of “ERMIS” system for the telematic management of garbage trucks in the Municipality of the city of Veroia. It is a project which has as its primary objective the modernization and upgrading of the municipal services while it will contribute to the more effective and efficient operation of the fleet, providing a tool for monitoring and managing cleaning operations in the region of Veroia.
More specifically, “ERMIS” system, which has been developed by INFOTRIP leveraging its experience in developing telematic systems for the fleet management of public transport all over Greece, provides the following features:

Real-time management and monitoring of the garbage-trucks
Routing of the garbage-trucks fleet vehicles
Monitoring and management of the garbage collection process
Creation of reports about the vehicles routes
Monitoring of the fuel consumption
Monitoring and speed limit control

It is an integrated system of fleet organization and administration, which utilizes the proven reliable technologies of GPS and GSM for the more effective fleet management in real-time with emphasis on reducing the costs and providing high level services. For the special requirements and needs of the garbage-trucks a appropriate equipment has been installed that receives the garbage-trucks location information and transmits it to the Central Database via wireless networks (GSM/GPRS), to achieve timely and accurate information to cleaning responsible in the Municipality.“ERMIS” system will be a powerful tool for real-time monitoring of garbage-trucks and will contribute to the substantial improvement of the daily operations in the Municipality of Veroia.
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