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The CompanyNews-AnnouncementsMANDREKAS INSTALLATION OF “ERMIS”    January 22, 2021    
The company INFOTRIP having developed specialized expertise in the field of telematics fleet management is constantly expanding its clientele through successful cooperation with companies all over Greece. So, recently undertook the installation of the satellite tracking and fleet management system “ERMIS” for the well-known company MANDREKAS DAIRY S.A. which produces and delivers dairy products since 1980, with its own proprietary freezer for immediate and secure handling of the products in several super markets, in almost every hospital in Athens and Piraeus, as well as in several municipalities.

In a period of intense financial pressures and fluctuations, the “ERMIS” system, that been developed in – house by INFOTRIP, is a solution for the reduction of the products’ transfer costs, for the improvement of the customer service level, for the reduction of the overtime and the increase of the staff efficiency as such the productivity in general, due to better fleet management. “ERMIS” is a comprehensive system of fleet vehicles organization and administration, which by using the GPS and GSM technologies enables continuous monitoring of the vehicles’ current location in real time, 24 hours a day, captured on a digital map, as well as the execution state of each vehicle’s route, while giving the opportunity for further propagation and statistical analysis. The system can automatically create reports on:
  • Comprehensive vehicle movement

  • Bull traffic stops, km per vehicle

  • Violation of vehicle rules

  • Fuel consumption
While it is possible to adapt the capabilities of the system the each customer’s requirements.
Our goal is to achieve a competitive advantage for the company MANDREKAS DAIRY S.A. and the use of “ERMIS” as a daily tool for the company’s needs.
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