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The CompanyVision and Aims    February 25, 2021    

Vision and Aims

The Company's vision is: 

«To extend its leading role in the implementation of telematics applications, traffic, public transport management and fleet management systems and the supply and development of electronic information and content services for transports in its wider area. Offering high quality products and services in order to be the first choice of our customers offering to them the highest possible added value…»

The Company's aims are:

  • The provision of data exchange services and interconnection of electronic public information services with a focus on issues relating to travel, traffic, entertainment and cartographic digital services.
  • The development, supply and integration of telematics and information technology systems.
  • The maintenance and repair of information technology software and hardware.
  • Management of ITS related projects.
  • The elaboration of technical studies and research on the implementation of telematics and information technology systems in transport.

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