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Traffic ManagementMistic - Traffic Control and Information Centers    January 22, 2021    
Integrated System for Traffic Control and Information Centers Minimize

General description

MISTIC platform is a core tool for traffic management in charge to monitor and estimate on-line the traffic and the state of the network and to provide feasible and common control strategies for the other subsystems that can influence the traffic behavior. MISTIC is an innovative system based on architecture about the traffic and the transport according to the most advanced principles. In this environment several system types (such as traffic light control, public transport management, loop detectors etc.) interact dynamically in order to specify the best traffic control strategy for the road network.

Main features

Monitoring of the traffic condition.

Optimization of road network capacity

Calculation of the traffic control strategies based on pre-determined targets.

Restricted access to heavy congested areas

Multi-modal trip planning

Information provision to the users of private means of transport as well as public transportation

Control strategy that determines the best strategy for the road network’s rescheduling in order to minimize the traffic problems.

User interface that provides the appropriate tools so that the interaction between the user and the system to be succeeded.


Calculates the most optimal distribution in the road network’s traffic.

Valuates and modernises the starting line/destination matrixes that came from the public services about the traffic requirements.

Determines the real availability of the network.

Forecasts the traffic allocation and transaction in all the controlled area.

It may function in different frames: urban areas, motorways, rural streets.


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