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Traffic ManagementOmnia - Traffic Management Applications Platform    January 22, 2021    
Platform for Traffic Management Applications Minimize

General description

OMNIA is an open platform specifically designed for integrated mobility management. OMNIA provide a uniform interface for any number of traffic control and transport management systems which are plugged-in autonomously or integrated within a common architecture

Main features

Graphical User Interface

Communication management which allows the data exchange inside the OMNIA platform and at the external systems

Large variety of protocols and standards

Real time traffic data collection and forecast mobility demand

Embedded functionalities for advanced traffic monitoring which includes system component diagnostics


Easy to use graphic interface

Integrated platform: provides a single access point for all the components systems

Any its application can be simply “plugged in”: any ITS application  (Urban Traffic Control, Parking etc) can be integrated

Tailored to your specific needs: possible to add new ITS applications when required

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