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Traffic ManagementUtopia - Traffic Control System    February 25, 2021    
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General description:

UTOPIA (Urban Traffic Optimisation by Integrated Automation) is one of the most advanced adaptive traffic control systems, which helps to reduce congestion and traffic pollution in urban areas as it leads to smoother traffic flows even at peak times.

UTOPIA gives selected priority to buses and trams at intersections, and also to emergency and VIPs vehicles. 

UTOPIA offers unmatched performance, especially in congested and unpredictable traffic conditions. Field trails have demonstrated the following benefits:

15% decrease in travel times for private traffic

50% reduction in queuing time

10% decrease in emissions and fuel consumption in urban areas.

Main Features:

Open architecture and interaction with different protocols

Adaption to real traffic conditions

Hierarchical and decentralised control system which ensures modularity and scalability


Compatible with most traffic light controllers on the market and independent of the telecommunications media

Supports the Traffic Manager by offering a full set of tools for real time traffic monitoring and incident identification

Automatically generates statistical reports

Immediately warns of malfunctioning, enabling rapid intervention for maintenance

Able to interface with other systems to supply data for information services, and also deal with priority requests for special vehicles (e.g. ambulances, fire engines)
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